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Казалось бы все известно про шахматные турниры, а вот эта английская задача попалась только сегодня. Five people named Ann, Bill, Chris, Dan and Ed meet regularly at a local chess club. They decided to hold a small tournament among themselves to determine which of them was the best player.

There were ten games, each person playing each other just once. Standard tournament scoring was used: One point to the winner of each game, no points to the loser, and half a point to each player in the case of a draw.

Can you figure out the result of each game, and what each person's final point total was, using the following clues?

1) Ed had the same result against Ann as he did against Chris.

2) Ann's only win came in her game against Bill.

3) Ed scored two points total.

4) Dan lost exactly two games.

5) Chris won her game against Bill.

6) At least four games were a draw.

7) The game between Dan and Bill was a draw.

Cool Bill scored the same in his game against Ed,  as Dan scored in his game against Ann.


So, who won the tournament?

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